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EAPG Clear Block Mug with Gold Gilt

EAPG Clear Block Mug with Gold Gilt
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DecorationGold Gilt


Fabulous gold gilt Early American Pattern Glass Mug in one of the Block patterns.  This is a popular pattern made by many different companies.  Each company used their own name for the basically same pattern. Clear Block; Red Block; Fostor Block; Fostorias # 150; Virginia; Captain Kidd; Doyle #150; Eva; Late Block are all names used for the same or similar pattern. Sometimes the name depended on the decoration.

This little mug is 3 1/8 inches tall, 2 ½ inches across the rim and a little wider towards the base.  It is in good condition.  There are several little pinpoint nicks on the rim, which can be felt much better than they can be seen.  The gold gilding looks fine from a distance, but is thin and worn when held to the light.

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