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EAPG Cranberry Glass Inverted Thumbprint Sugar Shaker

EAPG Cranberry Glass Inverted Thumbprint Sugar Shaker
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FormSugar Shaker


Early American Pattern Glass Inverted Thumbprint Sugar Shaker in Cranberry.

Many companies made this sort of pattern and called it a number of things; Thumbprint, Inverted Thumbprint, Polka Dot, Coinspot.  Most collectors today call it Inverted Thumbprint or IVT.

This sugar shaker or sifter measures 4 1/8 inches tall without the lid, it is 4 3/4 inches tall with the lid in place. 

Condition: There is a bruise type of crack on the rim, which is covered by the lid. The rim is rough, as is common with mold blown pieces of this era. The rims were left unpolished as they are covered by the lid. Please see photos.

The lid has some denting, oxidation, splits gaps and other signs of age. It appears to be original to the piece and fits securely.

This pattern was reproduced by Fenton Glass for LG Wright.  I have one of those shakers also listed.  The newer shaker has fewer rows, a thicker ground lip, and weighs about an ounce more. The lids that came with the newer items are also thicker and heavier.

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