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Wicker Covered Bourbon Bottle Label Under Glass 1860s

Wicker Covered Bourbon Bottle Label Under Glass 1860s
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Here is an awesome antique glass cylinder, seldom showing up these days, as examples are extremely hard to locate, especially in this condition.

This is 3 piece mold, base embossed with a single DOT (*),  whiskey cylinder, measuring 11 5/8" in height, 3" in diameter and with a single collared applied top.

The color can best be described as a rich Honey Amber, with traces of Orange throughout.

The cylinder (fifth size), is covered by wicker. The wicker has fallen off around the base.

In the center of the bottle, is a large square (3 1/4" x 3 3/4"), with a clear glass cover lithographic picture of a pretty woman. I cannot make out the writing above her, but below her bust, reads BOURBON.

The glass covered label is about 85% intact.

I just acquired this piece at a country auction on the Maine/Canada border. It was in the grain storage area of an old barn.

The condition of the bottle is perfect, with no issues noted.

The wicker has fallen off at the base, but the rest is tight and in great condition.

The bottle is either NH, CT, PA or NJ is origin. Finding it way up in Northern Maine, I would think it is of regional manufacture (just my opinion).

A great addition to any bottle collection or display.

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