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Morgantown Glass Ramona Pattern Stiegel Green Cocktail Icers (6)

Morgantown Glass Ramona Pattern Stiegel Green Cocktail Icers (6)
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   Six beautiful Stiegel Green cocktail icers in the Ramona pattern by Morgantown Glass Company.  It was made in the 1930s.

These handmade elegant glass footed bowls are, I believe, for serving shrimp and other seafood.  You would fill it with crushed ice and arrange the shrimp around the edge.  It is wide enough at the top that a shallow dish of cocktail sauce can be placed in the middle.  This would keep it cold without it becoming watered down.  Personally I think they would be great for a large scoop of vanilla ice cream with berries.

Since these are all hand made, and not machine made, there are slight variations in size.  The measurements can vary by 1/8 to 1/4.  This is not an issue as they were meant to be placed at individual table settings.  They measure approximately 4 1/2 inches across the top and 2 1/2 inches tall.  They are in good condition with no chips, cracks or stains.

There are 6 being sold as a set.  I also have a single available if you need a spare. 

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